Our method

What we do best.

Fun, focus and friendship – a recipe for success.

We believe at Explore English that we need to feel relaxed and feel part of a community to accelerate our learning, by building real friendships and having genuine interactions with people we enjoy the learning process and therefore learn better than if we are under stress. We have come up with the perfect recipe for learning English which includes Fun, Focus and Friendship.

The ‘focus’ part is very important, this is where we use our experience from the daily trips to aid our learning in the four essential skills that we need to learn English – Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening. Our expert teachers have a designed a unique syllabus which is professionally structured to include practise in all four skills.




Integrating the four essential skills.


There is an opportunity to read everywhere, in the UK everything is in English so you can readΒ  every sign, every menu, every information leaflet, every map and we will even encourage you to switch your phones to English so that you will be fully in ‘English mode’. We will take you to a bookshop where you can buy a book and challenge yourself to read when you have your free time. Before we go to our daily excursions we will have reading ‘focus time’ where you will be given texts to get some interesting information about where we are going.


Every day will be a new experience and you will be given the challenge of writing an ‘Explore English journal’. At the start of the trip you will be given a journal where you will write about your day, how you felt and what excited you most.

Our teachers will also give you different writing tasks based on what you experience that day during the daily excursion. A trip to a historical site may lead to you writing about something that shocked you about our history or even writing a short biography about one of the historical figure you learnt about. A trip to the beach may lead to writing a postcard to a loved one at home describing the landscapes of Wales and comparing it with your country. The writing tasks will be integrated and structured so that it is relevant and based on your experience and appropriate to your level.


Almost everything that we do will be focusing on speaking. The idea is that you take advantage of every second of being in the UK by using your English to communicate. Our professional teachers will be listening to you carefully and doing mini feedback sessions regularly throughout the day with pronunciation challenges and ‘language upgrade’ reflection time with the group. The teacher will provide new vocabulary and useful phrases to help you and guide you to experiment with the new vocabulary with others in the group and local people. Watch your confidence grow as you push yourself to the next level.


As we walk the busy streets of Cardiff, English is spoken everywhere. Pick up new vocabulary and phrases from your every day interactions with the locals. Every day we will take you to a new and exciting place where we will be accompanied by an expert guide who will speak to you about the place we visit on that day. Activate your listening skills and take in the different accents learn to understand the melody of English language spoken by native speakers. The guides will be attentive and will adapt and repeat and every day you will adjust and your listening skills will improve due to the immersive nature of the trip. Enjoy hearing English all around you and switch all your sense into English mode. Your teacher will be there to help you understand every step of the way and will test your listening skills after each guided tour.

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